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As a Wilmington Chamber of Commerce member you will be able to display the Chamber Member Logo on your website.  The logo shows proof of membership, adds business credibility, encourages patrons to BUY LOCAL and shows you care about your community.  

Here's a sample of the official logo that you'll be able to use:

Sample of Wilmington Chamber Widget - Contact us to receive to the actual image for use on your website

Also, linking your business website to our website, increasing your search engine ranking.

Search Engines drive traffic that leads to increased business opportunities.  Businesses that rank high in a search get more leads and clients.  The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce uses SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to ensure a high ranking.  You can take advantage of our optimization by adding this member logo to your website, which will increase your ranking in search results. 

Contact the Chamber to obtain the link to copy & paste the member logo to your website

Please use the "Find a Member" feature over to the right to locate a Chamber member by name or by category >>